As of June 10, 2012 the big game outfitting and guide school business operated by Tom Brogan, Wilsall, Montana since 1948 was purchased by John Logan, Prentiss, Mississippi. This purchase included all the private land located at South Fork in the Bridger Mountains; the lodge, cabins and other buildings; the private property leases (8,000 acres) and all the accumulated hunter days registered with the Montana Outfitter Board. We have added other leases to our private hunting lands. Mr. Byron Roudybush, the senior guide for Tom Brogan for 23 years, was hired by Logan as the manager and outfitter for the company. Byron completed the outfitter exam with the license issued January 8, 2013. Big Sky is able to accept up to 100+ hunters per year.

We have access to several guides that have ten plus years of guiding experience on the above property. The areas we hunt offer excellent chances for trophy bull elk, cow elk, trophy deer and bear. You should plan to arrive on Sunday before your hunt on Monday. This allows you time to become acclimated to the high altitude (camp 5670 feet above sea level), size you for a horse and saddle (if hunting on horseback), zero your rifle, meet your guide and visit with the other hunters. The hunter on horseback should not exceed more than 250 pounds. Our horses can only carry a limited amount of weight in the rough terrain. (Example: a thousand pound horse is recommended to carry twenty percent of his body weight which is 200 pounds. This would be one hundred and seventy pound person and thirty pounds of hunting gear. This includes the saddle.)

John W. Logan, Owner
6367 Highway 84
Prentiss, MS 39474
Phone: 601-792-5028
Cell: 601-270-8921